Ep. 1: The 7-10 Split

7 10

In the first episode of Slapdash Scripts, Carson, Andrew, and special guest Jacob read through Carson’s script “The 7-10 Split.” Carson successfully wrote the script in under two hours, fulfilling the criteria given to him. This week’s genre was a western, the character was a professional bowler, and the required word was cephalopod. The three read through the resulting script, which follows the story of Benjamin, a professional bowler that finds himself in the middle of a western love affair that is not as it seems.

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Raw File:


  1. Darius is clearly the real hero of this story. It’s the classic Frodo and Sam. While One amy the the focus and actually do the things that move the story forward and solve the conflicts, it’s the sidekick that rule guides the protagonist’s actions and make the story happen.


    1. Glad you listened, Carson hasn’t seen Lord of the Rings so unfortunately your wisdom was lost on him. Darius is, of course, the MVP of the story.


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